Lab Capabilities Sharpened

European IDFB members attend 2-day training to improve and standardize testing practices.

02. October 2023

After a long, pandemic-induced delay, we finally had the privilege of holding the 2023 in-person IDFB laboratory training. This 2-day session was hosted by IDFL Europe in the small yet beautiful city of Frauenfeld, Switzerland, located just 40 km northeast of Zurich. Both technical laboratory staff and various levels of management showed up to hone not only their knowledge of IDFB requirements, but also their hands-on practical skills with various testing equipment. The industry experience of attendees ranged from beginners of just a couple of months to seasoned veterans with over 24 years of testing experience.

Regardless of attendees’ prior knowledge, several Q&A sessions and trainings in small groups helped resolve many doubts and concerns for all participants. A blend of theoretical classes and hands on practice covered topics related to material composition/content, fill power, cleanliness, textile testing, and other topics

In addition to the knowledge gained, it was a great opportunity for attendees to network and make new friends in the industry. Lunches on site and a lovely dinner hosted by IDFL at the local zoo were all thoroughly enjoyed.