Great outdoors

Enjoy Summer with Down Camping Gear

When the weather turns warm, we move our activities outdoors. In recent years, the pandemic has brought us all into the “Great outdoors” in record numbers. Biking and cycling trips are on the rise as are walking and hiking. 

04. July 2023

In fact, according to a study by AllTrails, the amount of people hitting the trails was up 171.36% in 2020 compared to 2019.

A long day of hiking followed by an evening camping underneath the stars is the perfect way to enjoy the summer days, just make sure you remember your down sleeping bag! A down sleeping bag is lightweight and easy to carry, yet warm, making it a great addition to a cool night of camping and easy to carry during a hike. 

Down sleeping bags are not only great for hikers and bikers, but they are also the ideal choice for parents sending their kids off to sleepaway summer camp for the first time. As your child embarks on their first trip away from home, a snuggly down sleeping bag will provide your child warmth and comfort as they drift off to sleep.

Whether you are spending your summer days camping, biking, or hiking, down camping gear will make your outdoor fun more comfortable because down is nature’s best insulator and provides warmth, without weight.