Dear ###Reader!###, 

It is my sad duty to inform you that on January 15, 2023, Dezsö Langer passed away at the age of 96 surrounded by his family.

Dezsö Langer, † January 15, 2023

With his death, an era ends - an era in which contracts were concluded with a handshake, an era in which the word of a merchant was valid.

Dezsö Langer started from scratch when he founded a small feather business under the name Langer & Co in 1953. 25 years later, the company, now renamed Rohdex GmbH & Co. KG, moved to its present premises in Unterschleissheim/Munich. With his tireless efforts, expertise and determination, Dezsö Langer has made the company world famous and developed the name Rohdex to be known for seriousness and reliability in the international down and feather world.

It filled him with great joy to witness that his life's work will be continued in his spirit also by the 3rd generation.

As a pioneer, Dezsö Langer overcame many political barriers during the founding period and established good business relations with partners, at that time still "behind the Iron Curtain", such as Hungary, Poland, Romania. In the 1970s, he already traveled to the People's Republic of China and soon after to Japan and was able to lay the foundation for many trusting business relationships in Asia.

He has always treated his business partners with understanding, confidence and respect - towards everyone, from the smallest supplier to the largest customer. He has inspired his business partners and won them as friends. Many of these business friendships have lasted decades and still exist. Decency, kindness, his sense of humor and sense of justice are the qualities that his business partners always valued highly about him and that made him so popular.

He remains in our hearts as a humorous, warm-hearted person who lived as a great businessman with the motto "Live and let live" and achieved a lot in his life.

Our condolences go out to our valued members Susanne and Daniel Schenavsky and to the entire family. 


Stephanie Jäger
IDFB Secretary