Statement to illegal harvesting of down and feathers

The International Down and Feather Bureau (IDFB) is the global trade association of the Down and Feather Industry. The members are experts in the collection and processing of Down and Feather material and the production of Down and Feather Products such as pillows, comforters, featherbeds, sleeping bags, jackets, vests, and furniture cushions.

Down and Feathers come from Geese and Ducks and are a byproduct of the food industry, The birds are raised for the meat, no bird is raised just for the Down and Feathers. The meat and the Down and Feathers are all used for human consumption providing both food as well as the ultimate warmth and comfort products which improve the quality of life. Down and Feathers are natural "green“ products that are biodegradable, environmentally friendly, renewable, and recyclable.

The IDFB encourages its members to adhere to the highest standards in accordance with the laws for the gathering and legal harvesting of Down and Feathers and the proper humane treatment of animals considering all aspects of animal welfare.