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Lab Capabilities Sharpened

European IDFB members attend 2-day training to improve and standardize testing practices.
2. October 2023

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The International Down and Feather Bureau is the global trade association of the down and feather industry. IDFB is the leading resource for information about and promotion of down and feather material. IDFB conducts the research and creates the testing protocols and standards to help this industry maintain a high level of product integrity throughout the world.

Great outdoors

Down Camping Gear

When the weather turns warm, we move our activities outdoors. In recent years, the pandemic has brought us all into the “Great outdoors” in record numbers. Biking and cycling trips are on the rise as are walking and hiking. 

04. July 2023

Sustainability is Good News for Down

With climate change a major global concern, sustainability is becoming an important factor to more people.

28. February 2023
Feathers fly around the world

The world of IDFB

Mission & History

Launched in Paris during the post-World War II recovery, IDFB established global standards as the industry grew from military commissions to becoming a sportswear, bedding, and fashion staple. 


Down is natural product that is renewable, recyclable and earth friendly. As part of the circular economy, it has a lower carbon footprint than polyester fill materials. 

Why Down?

Down is a natural product that provides superior warmth without added weight for the products that keep us warm in our beds, on the ski slopes, and by the campfire. 

Membership and Benefits

IDFB ‘s total membership is currently comprised of 650+ members from 32 countries and regions.

Becoming a member of IDFB offers a meaningful connection to and inclusion in the global down and feather industry.

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